About Us

What is an Email List?

An email list is a unique list of names and email addresses of people who gave you consent to send them updates and promotions from your business. 

 Why Building an Email List is Important?

 Because email subscribers registered your email listing from your internet site and confirmed their identification by clicking on a hyperlink (double-opt-in), they are extremely interested in what you have to offer. This is why they are special in all likelihood to convert into paying customers. Email listing receives 10 instances greater conversions than social media campaigns. This makes sense if you assume about the motives that make email an exceptionally effective conversation channel

  1. Email is Personal
  2. Email is Purposeful
  3. Email is Targeted
  4. You Own Your Email List
  5. Email is One-on-One
  6. More People Use Email Several Times a Day

Every net person has at least one electronic mail account. This is exactly why each clever commercial enterprise in the world has an email list.

 Who are we? / What is the Doctors Email List?

We, The Doctors Email List is a Digital Marketing Company that specializes in providing Digital Marketing Support for many Companies across the USA. Even today emails remain the most responsive advertising approach to attain Doctors. In today’s online world, medical practitioners actively search the web for information or to acquire communications through e-mail channels. We are a direct advertising and marketing company with a rock-stable base of many profitable years of journey constructing and managing lists used in direct advertising campaigns. We provide complete Digital Marketing support and solutions, Email and Mailing List Support, analyze and plan a complete campaign for your business. The Doctors Email List promotion and marketing additionally continue to generate high earnings on your investments compared to different direct advertising mediums.

 Why Doctors Mailing List? 

We at The Doctors Mailing List can proudly say that we can be your “one-stop solution” for your direct advertising requirements. Our specialty involves exhibiting exceptionally high-quality data of direct mail lists, email lists, leads lists, income leads, and advertising leads available.

  1.  Accuracy – One can reach any doctor at their desired e-mail address efficiently with high deliver-ability statistics. All data and demographics are constantly updated and thoroughly checked with doctors themselves with their consent and are also cross-checked through the American Medical Association’s premier health practitioner Master file for more accuracy.
  2. We can without difficulty produce customized advertising marketing campaign lists that are pushed down to even the farthest accomplishing niches.
  3. Make your mail stand out – Our aim primarily is to make our clients’ marketing campaign a success and profitable. Our services include Special spam filter checking to all your email deployments to make sure the message receives your addressee well as our client intended it to be. We also provide our assistance in drafting the introduction in your mail making it more of a responsive email.

 Our main commitment with you is presenting genuine nice leads with extraordinary client providers and this is by no means taken gently – as a full-provider of doctors mailing listing service, and as a mentor to our clients, our direct advertising and marketing specialists are eager and dedicated to going the greater mile for you!

Furthermore, we at The Doctors Mailing List take larger efforts to offer our products and services to our clientele at and within the desired budget. It is a fact that direct advertising campaigns can be pretty highly-priced to undertake – and hence we prefer to assist our client in any manner and make their earnings on their investment much more profitable.